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Beyond Content of Conversation: The Role of Conversational Form in the Emergence and Regulation of Social Structure

Uniform and Complementary Social Interaction: Distinct Pathways to Solidarity

"More Than Words": Social Validation in Close Relationships

Conversational flow and entitativity: The role of status

Happy but unhealthy: The relationship between social ties and health in an emerging network

Conversational Flow Promotes Solidarity

Resounding Silences: Subtle Norm Regulation in Everyday Interactions

If They Were to Vote, They Would Vote for Us

Disrupting the flow: How brief silences in group conversations affect social needs

Conversational Flow

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Huffington Post - Even People Who Don't Vote Would Vote Like I Do

Pacific Standard - The Deep Pain of Awkward Silences

Comment utiliser les silences en réunion

How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the 4-Second Rule to Become Exceptionally Persuasive Awkward Silences

BBC: The subtle power of uncomfortable silences

It has been smooth talking to you

Awkward Silences: Technical Delays Can Diminish Feelings of Unity and Belonging

Interview: Even People Who Don’t Vote Would Vote Like I Do.

Interview: Even People Who Don’t Vote Would Vote Like I Do.

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