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Exogenous Ligand-Free Nickel-Catalyzed Carboxylate O-Arylation: Insight into NiI/NiIII Cycles**

Kinetic studies on Lewis acidic metal polyesterification catalysts - hydrolytic degradation is a key factor for catalytic performance

The Use of Virtual Reality in A Chemistry Lab and Its Impact on Students’ Self-Efficacy, Interest, Self-Concept and Laboratory Anxiety

Manganese containing copper aluminate catalysts: Genesis of structures and active sites for hydrogenation of aldehydes

Mechanistic elucidation of monoalkyltin(iv)-catalyzed esterification

Molybdenum Oxide Supported on Ti3AlC2 is an Active Reverse Water-Gas Shift Catalyst

Cationic Copper Iminophosphorane Complexes as CuAAC Catalysts: A Mechanistic Study

Electronic characterization of redox (non)-innocent Fe2S2 reference systems: a multi K-edge X-ray spectroscopic study

Examination of Protonation-Induced Dinitrogen Splitting by in Situ EXAFS Spectroscopy

Investigating the Active Species in a [(R-SN(H)S-R)CrCl3] Ethene Trimerization System: Mononuclear or Dinuclear?

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