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Research interests

Spatial and urban economics: Redevelopment, location choice of economic agents, urban revitalization, cultural heritage, natural disasters, housing markets, neighbourhood dynamics


Neighborhood status and housing development: Evidence from urban development decisions in the Netherlands

Tenant Mix and Retail Rents in High Street Shopping Districts

Verkenning implementatie taxatie-expertise in automatische waarderingen

Verkenning implementatie taxatie-expertise in geautomatiseerde waarderingen in Nederland

Sorting based on urban heritage and income: Evidence from the Amsterdam metropolitan area

Werk aan de winkel: over herontwikkeling van winkelcentra in Nederland pre-corona

The external effects of inner-city shopping centers: Evidence from the Netherlands

Het directe effect van een rijksmonumentenstatus op transactieprijzen van woningen: Verandering van economische waardering van monumentenstatus tussen 1990 en 2015

Heterogeneous effects of the decrease in property transfer taxes on the owner-occupied housing market in the Netherlands

Losing ground? On sinkhole collapses and house prices

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Computermodel kan vastgoedtaxateur ondersteunen, nog niet vervangen

Computermodel kan vastgoedtaxateur ondersteunen, nog niet vervangen