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Genome-wide association study of preserved ratio impaired spirometry (PRISm)

Age-associated differences in the human lung extracellular matrix

FAM13A regulates cellular senescence marker p21 and mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production in airway epithelial cells

Genome-wide association study of chronic sputum production implicates loci involved in mucus production and infection

Longitudinal effects of environmental noise and air pollution exposure on autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder during adolescence and early adulthood: The TRAILS study

From Differential DNA Methylation in COPD to Mitochondria: Regulation of AHRR Expression Affects Airway Epithelial Response to Cigarette Smoke

Pulmonary Function and Blood DNA Methylation: A Multi-Ancestry Epigenome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis

The relation between age and airway epithelial barrier function

A Protective Role of FAM13A in Human Airway Epithelial Cells Upon Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Extract

Connecting GWAS Susceptibility Genes in COPD: Do We Need to Consider TGF-beta 2?

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