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Age-related subtypes of late life depression and mortality: A prospective clinical cohort study

Feasibility, usability and clinical value of intensive longitudinal diary assessments in older persons with cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms

Daily associations between affect and cognitive performance in older adults with depression and cognitive impairment: a series of seven single-subject studies in the Netherlands

Individual differences in the temporal relationship between sleep and agitation: a single-subject study in nursing home residents with dementia experiencing sleep disturbance and agitation

Intra-Individual Variability in Cognitive Performance Can Befuddle the Study of Cognitive Impairments and Decline

Temporal dynamics of depression, cognitive performance and sleep in older persons with depressive symptoms and cognitive impairments: a series of eight single-subject studies

Subtypes of Late-Life Depression: A Data-Driven Approach on Cognitive Domains and Physical Frailty

ACTman: Automated preprocessing and analysis of actigraphy data

A longitudinal study of the impact of social network size and loneliness on cognitive performance in depressed older adults

Diagnostic complexities of the differential diagnosis between biomedical frailty and depression

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Comment on Pavlova and Uher (2020)