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MiR-378a-3p Is Critical for Burkitt Lymphoma Cell Growth

Intricate crosstalk between MYC and non-coding RNAs regulates hallmarks of cancer

The missing piece: Long noncoding RNAs in cancer cell biology

Emerging roles for long noncoding RNAs in B-cell development and malignancy

Targeted epigenetic editing of SPDEF reduces mucus production in lung epithelial cells

Inhibition of the miR-155 target NIAM phenocopies the growth promoting effect of miR-155 in B-cell lymphoma

Long Noncoding RNA Expression Profiling in Normal B-Cell Subsets and Hodgkin Lymphoma Reveals Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg Cell Specific Long Noncoding RNAs

Long noncoding RNAs as a novel component of the Myc transcriptional network

Mir-155 Enhances B-Cell Lymphoma Growth By Targeting TBRG1

Long Non-Coding RNAs As Components Of The MYC Network In B Cell Lymphoma

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