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Evolution of enzyme functionality in the flavin-containing monooxygenases

Structural Elucidation and Engineering of a Bacterial Carbohydrate Oxidase

A conserved sequence motif in the E. coli soluble FAD-containing pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase is important for reaction efficiency

Broadening the scope of the Flavin-tag method by improving flavin incorporation and incorporating flavin analogs

Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of the Most Pleasant Stereoisomer of Jessemal

Discovery of two novel oxidases using a high-throughput activity screen

Introducing an Artificial Deazaflavin Cofactor in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kinetic resolution of racemic benzofused alcohols catalysed by HMFO variants in presence of natural deep eutectic solvents

Structure- and computational-aided engineering of an oxidase to produce isoeugenol from a lignin-derived compound

Sulphoxidation reactions catalysed by the Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase OTEMO from Pseudomonas putida ATCC 17453

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‘De donkere kleur in de bacteriën was dezelfde kleurstof als in onze spijkerbroeken’

Evolutionary history of detoxifying enzymes reconstructed — ScienceDaily

Histoire évolutive des enzymes détoxifiantes reconstruite

Study reveals why the FMO5 gene produces an enzyme with a different activity

Reconstructie van de evolutionaire geschiedenis van ontgiftende enzymen

Evolutionary history of detoxifying enzymes reconstructed

Reconstructing the evolutionary history of detoxifying enzymes

Detox Enzymes’ Evolution Traced

Modified enzyme brings value to lignin monomers

Aangepast enzym maakt bouwstenen lignine bruikbaar

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