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A potential collective defense of Drosophila larvae against the invasion of a harmful fungus

Symbionts in insect biology and pest control: An introduction

Multilevel feeding ecology: An introduction

Phenotypic responses to microbial volatiles render a mold fungus more susceptible to insect damage

Defensive repertoire of Drosophila larvae in response to toxic fungi

Induced Fungal Resistance to Insect Grazing: Reciprocal Fitness Consequences and Fungal Gene Expression in the Drosophila-Aspergillus Model System

Insect-fungus interference competition - The potential role of global secondary metabolite regulation, pathway-specific mycotoxin expression and formation of oxylipins

Experimental evolution of defense against a competitive mold confers reduced sensitivity to fungal toxins but no increased resistance in Drosophila larvae

Fruit, flies and filamentous fungi - experimental analysis of animal-microbe competition using Drosophila melanogaster and Aspergillus mould as a model system

Experimental evolution of resistance against a competing fungus in Drosophila melanogaster

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