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Adherence to an injury prevention program in male amateur football players is affected by players' age, experience and perceptions

A lab-based comparison of differential ratings of perceived exertion between a run and jump protocol involving low or high impacts on the lower extremities: Influence of impacts on differential RPE

A Multidisciplinary, Personalized Approach to Resilience in Sports

A Network Approach To Study Individual-Specific Performance Dynamics In Sports

Are Off-Field Activities an Underestimated Risk for Hamstring Injuries in Dutch Male Amateur Soccer Players? An Exploratory Analysis of a Prospective Cohort Study

A risk-reward assessment of passing decisions: comparison between positional roles using tracking data from professional men's soccer

Biomechanical Load Quantification Using a Lower Extremity Inertial Sensor Setup During Football Specific Activities

Differential Ratings of Perceived Exertion: Relationships With External Intensity and Load in Elite Men's Football

Monitoring Elite Youth Football Players' Physiological State Using a Small-Sided Game: Associations With a Submaximal Running Test

Nonergodicity in Load and Recovery: Group Results Do Not Generalize to Individuals

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Hoe helpt de wetenschap Nederlandse sportteams om te winnen?

Topsport Topics Podcast

Ook als topsporter word je in je eentje nooit helemaal ‘wedstrijdfit’

Hoe behalen nationale teamsporten winst uit de wetenschap?

Ministerie van VWS investeert met Team Up! in wetenschap voor teamsport

Weuro2017: Zelfde regels, ander spel?

Hoe herstellen teamsporters na de olympische spelen?

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