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Associations between Hamstring Fatigue and Sprint Kinematics during a Simulated Football (Soccer) Match

Effective But Not Adhered to: How Can We Improve Adherence to Evidence-Based Hamstring Injury Prevention in Amateur Football?

External load differences between elite youth and professional football players: ready for take-off?

Load Monitoring Practice in Elite Women Association Football

Load Monitoring Practice in European Elite Football and the Impact of Club Culture and Financial Resources

Managing Load to Optimize Well-Being and Recovery During Short-Term Match Congestion in Elite Basketball

Non-Ergodicity in Load and Recovery: Group Results Do Not Generalize to Individuals

Quantifying change of direction load using positional data from small-sided games in soccer

The prognostic value of the hamstring outcome score to predict the risk of hamstring injuries

The tactics of successful attacks in professional association football: large-scale spatiotemporal analysis of dynamic subgroups using position tracking data

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Hoe helpt de wetenschap Nederlandse sportteams om te winnen?

Topsport Topics Podcast

Ook als topsporter word je in je eentje nooit helemaal ‘wedstrijdfit’

Hoe behalen nationale teamsporten winst uit de wetenschap?

Ministerie van VWS investeert met Team Up! in wetenschap voor teamsport

Weuro2017: Zelfde regels, ander spel?

Hoe herstellen teamsporters na de olympische spelen?

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