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How to find us prof. dr. M. (Malvina) Nissim


As good as new. How to successfully recycle English GPT-2 to make models for other languages

CHANGE-IT@ EVALITA 2020: Change Headlines, Adapt News, GEnerate

Datasets and Models for Authorship Attribution on Italian Personal Writings

Fair Is Better than Sensational: Man Is to Doctor as Woman Is to Doctor

GePpeTto Carves Italian into a Language Model

Invisible to People but not to Machines: Evaluation of Style-aware Headline Generation in Absence of Reliable Human Judgment

Lower Bias, Higher Density Abusive Language Datasets: A Recipe

MAGPIE: A Large Corpus of Potentially Idiomatic Expressions

Matching Theory and Data with Personal-ITY: What a Corpus of Italian YouTube Comments Reveals About Personality

Multiword Expressions We Live by: A Validated Usage-based Dataset from Corpora of Written Italian

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