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Research interests

Research interests: socio-economic human rights law; energy access; human rights and the environment; climate change; disaster management; poverty alleviation; sustainable development; access to essential services; extra-territorial human rights obligations; migration; NAIL/social constructivist legal theory.  


A new frontier in (Dutch) climate litigation: Greenwashing advertisements on CO2 compensation

Natural Disasters

Post COP26: legal action now part of public health’s environment and climate change toolbox

The human right to a healthy environment—time for the public health community to take urgent action

Climate Change as a Global Health Threat in International Climate Law and Human Rights Law

Domestic Climate Litigation's Turn to Human Rights and International Climate Law

Energy Poverty and Household Access to Energy Services in International, Regional and National Law

Energy Poverty in the COVID-19 Era: Mapping Global Responses to the Pandemic in Light of Momentum for the Right to Energy

Humanising the Energy Transition: Towards a National Policy on Energy Poverty in the Netherlands

Human Rights and EU Climate Law

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Energiearmoede is ergst voelbaar buiten de Randstad

Le chemin vers un service minimum de l’énergie en Europe

Groninger Wissenschaftler untersucht das Recht auf Energie | Wissenschaft

Groningse wetenschapster onderzoekt recht op energie

Groningse wetenschapster onderzoekt recht op energie

Groene energie voor iedereen – NEMO Kennislink

Everyone has a right to energy: Energy poverty is all about human rights

VDL's 'tone deaf' plan to tackle Putin by 'turning off lights' threatens EU energy poverty

Ukraine war heats up energy poverty debate

Energy Access as a Basic Human Right

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