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M.M.E. (Marlies) Hesselman, LLM

Lecturer International Law / PhD researcher
M.M.E. (Marlies) Hesselman, LLM

EU COST Action: ENGAGER 'European Energy Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation' (2017-present)
The EU Cost Action ENGAGER - European Energy Poverty is a European-wide interdiscplinary network of scholars and practioners that jointly seek to define, understand and design effective policy action on the phenomenon of 'energy poverty' in Europe.  I joined ENGAGER as a Dutch Member of the Management Committee, and act as co-lead of Working Group 3 on "Dialogues - Co-producing Emancipatory Research and Practice, with dr. Sergio Herrero Tirado (Autonomous University Barcelona). ENGAGER is funded for 2017-2021, with a total budget of aprox. EUR 600.000.     
ENGAGER COVID Energy Map (2020-present)
From 2020, I have co-produced and managed the COVID-19 Global Energy Map: a unique evidenced-based global database of 380+ energy poverty laws and policies introduced in 120+ countries to ensure affordable and uninterupted household energy supplies during the crisis. It is a joint research effort under the EU ENGAGER network, led by myself, Anaïs Varo (University of Girona), Rachel Guyet (Centre International de Formation Européenne-CIFE), Harriet Thomson (University of Birmingham). 
ENLIGHT/DAAD Collaboration UG-Göttingen-Ghent (2021 - present)
In the context of the ENLIGHT project interdisciplinary research is undertaken funded by ENLIGHT/DAAD for the creation of an improved longitudinal data-set for the COVID-19 map. This includes cooperation between researchers from the Law Faculty at UG (Hesselman), Economics Faculties at Göttingen (Zarzoso and Torres Munguia) and Ghent (Ruyssen).
Jean Monnet Module - Intensive Course Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa: European and International Human Rights Standards in Disaster Settings (2021-2023)
Led by Prof. Emanuele Sommario of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa, this is a three year summer school project on human rights and disaster. The school will run three times in Pisa in 2021, 2022 and 2023. I participate as key teaching staff.
Yearbook of International Disaster Law (2017-present)
As co-editor of the new Yearbook of International Disaster Law (Brill Nijhoff Publishers), together with Giulio Bartolini, Dug Cubie and Jacqueline Peel, I am co-responsible for solliciting, reviewing and publishing input for the Yearbook, the first volume of which will appear in 2019 (YIDL 2018). The YIDL aims to explore and establish the field of International Disaster Law as a new and seperate field of law, and function as a hub for publications. I am also responsible for the annual IDL in practice section on human rights law. The YIDL is supported with funding by the IFRC.
Global Health Law Groningen/Groningen Centre for Health Law (2015-present)
GHLG & Climate Change: In 2015, I joined Global Health Law Groningen (GHLG) with research focusing on human rights and climate change / a healthy environment. Some highlights include the GHLG's report on "The Right to Health and Climate Change: An International Legal Perspective" submitted to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (2015), my participation in the UNHRC Expert Meeting on 'Human Rights and Climate Change' in Geneva (2016), or my contribution to the development of the CEDAW's General Comment 37 on Disaster Risk Reduction in a Changing Climate (in 2017). GHLG & Non-Communicable Diseases: In recent years, I've become more closely involved in GHLG's research on non-communicable diseases and related risk factors, e.g. unhealthy foods, alcohol, energy poverty. My contributions include human rights approaches to, and the development new (international) legal norms for the regulation of NDC risk factors. See for some publications e.g. here and here, and Special Issue with BMC International Health and Human Rights. See collection here. 
2020: ENGAGER International Conference:  The Right to Energy in Theory and Practice (University of Groningen, 8-9 January 2020)
Together with Anaïs Varo (University of Girona) I organized and hosted a two-day international disciplinary workshop on the Right to Energy in Theory and Practice at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen, on 8-9 January. It was organized as part of the EU COST Action ENGAGER European Energy Poverty and brought together over 50 academics and practioners from over Europe and beyond (Uganda, Taiwan, Australia) to discuss the content and practice of the right to energy. The international workshop led to a podcast series, produced by EnACT: 
2017-2018 Workshop Series on 'International Law for the Sustainable Development Goals' (IL4SDGs)
Dr. Mando Rachovitsa and myself are currently acting as lead-organizers for the Department's workshop series on International Law for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This series consists of eight international workshops on various SDG-themes, put together through close collaborations with other colleagues of the Department, wider Faculty and other relevant partners. We currently host an Open Access Special Journal Issue with Brill Open Law: An International Journal for which the deadline of submissions was 28 June 2018.
2013-2014 Seminar Series on 'Human Rights for Essential Public Services Provision' and related book project
Jointly with colleagues Antenor Hallo de Wolf and Brigit Toebes, we set up and co-organized the first Seminar Series of the Department of International Law with seven themed international seminars/workshops, and a Call for Papers-based general meeting. The project culminated in the following book project:
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