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Research interests

narrative and cognitive film theory | (videographic) film analysis

3D cinema | creative analysis (rethinking scholarship, audiovisual essay, mashup and supercut culture, narrative mapping) | narrative complexity (puzzle and riddle films)


Impossible Puzzle Films: A Cognitive Approach to Contemporary Complex Cinema

Film Studies in Motion: From Audiovisual Essay to Academic Research Video

Complex Film Narratives: Diegetic Fictionalization in Christopher Nolan’s Fantastical Puzzle Film Cycle

Autopoiesis through agency in virtual reality nonfiction

Review of Maarten Coëgnarts' audiovisual essay 'Embodied Visual Meaning [in] Motion'

Introduction: Puzzling Stories

Puzzling Stories: The Aesthetic Appeal of Cognitive Challenge in Film, Television and Literature

Who Likes Complex Films? Personality and Preferences for Narrative Complexity

跟踪时间: 空间和具身认知在理解非线性故事世界中的作用

Desktop Documentary: From Artefact to Artist(ic) Emotions

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Scholars at Work with Open Access Books – an interview with Miklós Kiss on Film Studies in Motion