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How to find us dr. M. (Miklós) Kiss

Research interests

narrative and cognitive film theory | (videographic) film analysis

3D cinema | creative analysis (rethinking scholarship, audiovisual essay, mashup and supercut culture, narrative mapping) | narrative complexity (puzzle and riddle films)


Impossible Puzzle Films: A Cognitive Approach to Contemporary Complex Cinema

Film Studies in Motion: From Audiovisual Essay to Academic Research Video

Desktop Documentary: From Artefact to Artist(ic) Emotions

Keeping Track of Time: The Role of Spatial and Embodied Cognition in the Comprehension of Nonlinear Storyworlds

Let's Repo! Repo Man's plate o' shrimp logic: video essay (invited by Critics' Choice VI on Collectivity)

Videographic criticism in the classroom: Research method and communication mode in scholarly practice

Last Year at Mulholland Drive: Ambiguous Framings and Framing Ambiguities

Disrupted PECMA Flows: A Cognitive Approach to the Experience of Narrative Complexity in Film

Jacques Tati’s PLAYTIME: How to make a [critical] joke

Toward a Cognitive Definition of First-Person Documentary

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