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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. M.J. (Marie-José) van Tol

Research interests

Psychiatry, Vulnerability for emotional disturbances (depression, anxiety, psychosis, suicide, apathy), Neuropsychology, Mood Disorders, Neurophysiology (fMRI, pupilometry, skin conductance, etc)


A behavioral and brain imaging dataset with focus on emotion regulation of women with fibromyalgia

Musical and multilingual experience are related to healthy aging: better some than none but even better together

Neural basis of positive and negative emotion regulation in remitted depression

Neural correlates of anxious distress in depression: A neuroimaging study of reactivity to emotional faces and resting-state functional connectivity

The association between clinical and biological characteristics of depression and structural brain alterations

Associations between depression, lifestyle and brain structure: A longitudinal MRI study

Brain aging in major depressive disorder: results from the ENIGMA major depressive disorder working group

Contributing factors to advanced brain aging in depression and anxiety disorders

Fifteen years of NESDA Neuroimaging: An overview of results related to clinical profile and bio-social risk factors of major depressive disorder and common anxiety disorders

Foreign Language Learning as Cognitive Training to Prevent Old Age Disorders? Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Language Training vs. Musical Training and Social Interaction in Elderly With Subjective Cognitive Decline

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Kenniscafé: (On)gelukkig

Neurowetenschapper UMCG krijgt acht ton voor onderzoek naar herstel van depressie

Podcast In de Wetenschap over hulpinitiatieven voor Oekraïne

‘Geef gevluchte wetenschappers zekerheid’

Marie-José van Tol nieuwe voorzitter van De Jonge Akademie

Dr. Marie-José van Tol nieuwe voorzitter De Jonge Akademie

Host & presenter of Studium Generale Lecture on the History of Conspiracy Theories

De Bovenverdieping #3 | Marie-José van Tol

Begrijpen hoe de menselijke geest werkt

Alternative Research Funding

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