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Practical matters How to find us dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten J J E) Loonen

Research interests

Arctic ecology, geese, reindeer, arctic fox, polar bear, terns, grass, bird migration

Station manager of the Netherlands Arctic Station on Spitsbergen (


Automatic flower detection and phenology monitoring using time-lapse cameras and deep learning

Five decades of terrestrial and freshwater research at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard

Nest defence behaviour is similar between pair members but only male behaviour predicts nest survival in barnacle geese

Environmental change reduces body condition, but not population growth, in a high-arctic herbivore

Judging a reindeer by its teeth: A user-friendly tooth wear and eruption pattern recording scheme to estimate age-at-death in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)

State dependence explains individual variation in nest defence behaviour in a long-lived bird

Contrasting consequences of climate change for migratory geese: Predation, density dependence and carryover effects offset benefits of high-arctic warming

High-Arctic family planning: Earlier spring onset advances age at first reproduction in barnacle geese

Parasitoids indicate major climate-induced shifts in arctic communities

Climate warming may affect the optimal timing of reproduction for migratory geese differently in the low and high Arctic

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Climate change thaws world's northernmost research station

Polar bears and melting ice challenge northernmost Arctic research scientists

Polar bears and melting ice challenge scientists at world’s northernmost research station

Climate change thaws world’s northernmost research station

Klimawandel lässt die nördlichste Forschungsstation der Welt auftauen

Dierentellingen bepalen mede of een soort wordt beschermd. Maar over dat tellen ontstaat vaak strijd

Klimaatonderzoek aan de permafrost

Climate change threatens 17th century whalers’ graves in Spitsbergen

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