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Practical matters How to find us dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten J J E) Loonen

dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten J J E) Loonen

Associate Professor Arctic Ecology
Profielfoto van dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten J J E) Loonen
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+31 50 36 36056 (absence: email)
+31 6 5591 1818 (Mobile)

See for more information on all projects on Svalbard/Spitsbergen.

Ecology of Arctic breeding Barnacle geese.

Ecology and migration of Arctic Terns breeding on Svalbard and in Eemshaven. Values of Arctic Tern conservation (2022-2026 PhD d.u.b.rakotonirina-hess) together with Campus Fryslan

Vegetation and the effect of grazing on Arctic tundra

Insect biodiversity in Arctic tundra

Biodiversity in Arctic shallow lakes together with Christophe Brochard and mennobart van Eerdem

The effect of melting permafrost on graves of 17th century Dutch whalers on Spitsbergen

The effect of infections parasites and pollution on behaviour and health of Svalbard Barnacle geese

SVALUR combining narratives of inhabitants and scientific data to a richer perspective. Postdoc z.solkolickova

SEES Scientific Expediton Edgeöya Svalbard. A multidisciplinary cruise with 50 scientists and tourists in 2015 and 2022, with a lot of outreach.

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