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In Tune? Multimodal Mother-Child Interpersonal Coordination During Early Childhood

The relationship between motor performance and executive functioning in early childhood: A systematic review on motor demands embedded within executive function tasks

What factors relate to three profiles of perception of motor competence in young children?

Assessing Motor Performance in Preschool Children: The Zurich Neuromotor Assessment-2 and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2

Emerging school readiness profiles: Motor skills matter for cognitive- and non-cognitive first grade school outcomes

The degree of stability in motor performance in preschool children and its association with child-related variables

Individual, Family, and Environmental Correlates of Motor Competence in Young Children: Regression Model Analysis of Data Obtained from Two Motor Tests

Task-Specific and Latent Relationships Between Motor Skills and Executive Functions in Preschool Children

Wording the complexity of dance movement therapy: A scoping review on how dance movement therapists word their clinical practice

Age-related validity and reliability of the Dutch Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (LDCDQ-NL)

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I CAN DANCE! Nieuwe dansgroep voor kinderen met en zonder beperking