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M.H. (Marja) Cantell, Dr

Assistant Professor

Since 2010, I reside in the Netherlands where I've collaborated with researchers and students from the University of Groningen; University Medical Centre Groningen; Beatrixoord UMCG Centrum voor Revalidatie; Hanze University Groningen; Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam.

Throughout the last two decades, I have been involved in multidisciplinary projects together with researchers and students from Scandinavian, European, North-American and Australian universities, including; Western Australian Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Research Group and Notredame University, Australia; Faculty of Sport & Health, University of Jyväskylä, Finland; University of Calgary, Canada; CanChild MacMaster University, Canada.

The most recent project in which I've co-supervised two PhD candidates and dozens of BA- and MA-students together with Suzanne Houwen, Alexander Minnaert & Tanja Kakebeeke, is called the MELLE: A longitudinal study of the relationships between motor, executive and language development and learning outcomes in 3-7 year old children (PhD project of Erica Kamphorst; alumni Gerda van der Veer; co-promotors Cantell & Houwen) More info below.

1. A longitudinal study of the relationships between motor, executive and language development in children with and without developmental risk for Developmental Coordination Disorder and language disorder

[Relatie tussen motorische ontwikkeling, taalontwikkeling en executieve functies bij kinderen van 3 tot 5 jaar met en zonder een risico op Developmental Coordination Disorder en taalstoornissen]

The relationship between motor performance and executive functioning in 3- to 5-year-old children: does operationalization matter? — the University of Groningen research portal (

Well begun is half done: unfolding multiple pathways to school readiness — the University of Groningen research portal (

2. Intrinsic and external variables associated with children's motor competence (PhD project of Donna Niemistö, U. of Jyväskylä, Finland; co-supervision Cantell, Juutinen, & Sääkslahti)

JYX - Skilled kids around Finland : the motor competence and perceived motor competence of children in childcare and associated socioecological factors (

3. Cross-cultural Dutch adaptation of the Adolescent Motor Competence Questionnaire (AMCQ) and preliminary exploration of its psychometric properties (PhD project of Amanda Timler, University of Notredame, Fremantle, Australia)

4. Reliability and validity of the Finnish version of the Motor Observation Questionnaire for Teachers (PhD project of Piritta Asunta, U. of Jyväskylä, Finland)

JYX - Motorisen oppimisen vaikeuden tunnistaminen ja tukeminen kouluympäristössä (

5. Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (LDCDQ-NL; Cantell, Houwen, & Schoemaker, 2018)

6. Physical activity in families with young children (Y-Be-Active)

7. Evaluating Emotional Well-Being after a Short-Term Traditional Yoga Practice

8. Inclusive, mixed ability dance, e.g., 'I can dance' (wijkproject); Nightwalker 2 - Toucheddef by Andre Arends & Saskia Damen)

9. Scoping review on dance movement therapy methods, co-operation with Rosemarie Samaritter: Samaritter, R., & Cantell, M. (2020). Wording the complexity of dance movement therapy: A scoping review on how dance movement therapists describe their clinical practice. In H. Wengrower & S. Chaiklin (Eds.), Dance and Creativity within Dance Movement Therapy (pp. 111-123). eBook ISBN9780429442308

10. Quality of movement and embodied observation in children with and without developmental disabilities (co-operation with Darcy McGehee)

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