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Increases in External Sensory Observing Cross-Sectionally Mediate the Repair of Positive Affect Following Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Individuals with Residual Depression Symptoms

Participation and Compliance in a 6-Month Daily Diary Study Among Individuals at Risk for Mental Health Problems

Regaining control of your emotions?: Investigating the mechanisms underlying effects of cognitive control training for remitted depressed patients

Risk Ahead: Actigraphy-Based Early-Warning Signals of Increases in Depressive Symptoms During Antidepressant Discontinuation

The within-person bidirectional association between physical activity and loneliness in the daily lives of adolescents and young adults

Anticipating manic and depressive transitions in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

Anticipating the direction of symptom progression using critical slowing down: a proof-of-concept study

Anticipating Transitions in Mental Health in At-Risk Youths: A 6-Month Daily Diary Study Into Early-Warning Signals

Associations between responses to voices, distress and appraisals during daily life: an ecological validation of the cognitive behavioural model

A Web-Based Application for Personalized Ecological Momentary Assessment in Psychiatric Care: User-Centered Development of the PETRA Application

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What we learned in 2018: The individual patient get's more attention

Facebookpost met ‘ugh’, ‘ik’ of ‘pijn’ mogelijke aanwijzing voor depressie

Depressie detecteren met een telefoon of met social media.

Smartphone is voorlopig geen depressie melder

Bij de een werkt het, bij de ander niet: de loterij in de psychiatrie

Waarom afbouwen van antidepressiva zo moeilijk is

Orations: The challenge of searching in the dark

Wat als de wereld een rommeltje is?

Depressies live volgen

Depressies voorspellen, kan dat?

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