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Anticipating manic and depressive shifts in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

Comment on: Eronen MI (2019). The levels problem in psychopathology

Cross-instrument feasibility, validity, and reproducibility of wireless heart rate monitors: Novel opportunities for extended daily life monitoring

Early warning signals and critical transitions in psychopathology: Challenges and recommendations

Efficacy of early warning signals and spectral periodicity for predicting transitions in bipolar patients: An actigraphy study

Individual and common patterns in the order of symptom improvement during outpatient treatment for major depression

Network dynamics of momentary affect states and future course of psychopathology in adolescents

Overnight affective dynamics and sleep characteristics as predictors of depression and its development in women

Uncovering complexity details in actigraphy patterns to differentiate the depressed from the non-depressed

ACTman: Automated preprocessing and analysis of actigraphy data

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What we learned in 2018: The individual patient get's more attention

Facebookpost met ‘ugh’, ‘ik’ of ‘pijn’ mogelijke aanwijzing voor depressie

Depressie detecteren met een telefoon of met social media.

Smartphone is voorlopig geen depressie melder

Bij de een werkt het, bij de ander niet: de loterij in de psychiatrie

Waarom afbouwen van antidepressiva zo moeilijk is

Orations: The challenge of searching in the dark

Wat als de wereld een rommeltje is?

Depressies live volgen

Depressies voorspellen, kan dat?

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