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Practical matters How to find us dr. M.C.W.G. (Maartje) Giesbers

dr. M.C.W.G. (Maartje) Giesbers

Academic Advisor MSc Biology / MSc Ecology & Evolution / MSc Marine Biology / MSc Biomolecular Sciences
Profielfoto van dr. M.C.W.G. (Maartje) Giesbers
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+31 50 36 34546 (Contact details for students:


A re‐assessment of within‐host mating behavior in the Nasonia species complex

Genetics of reproductive behaviour in Nasonia

Pre-zygotic isolation in the macroalgal genus Fucus from four contact zones spanning 100-10 000 years: A tale of reinforcement?

Prezygotic isolation in the parasitoid wasp genus Nasonia

Haldane's rule in the 21st century

The interplay between speciation and adaptation in Nasonia wasps

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