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Practical matters How to find us M. (Marjolein) Admiraal, PhD

Research interests


- Alaskan prehistory

- Pottery adoption and function

- organic residue analysis, lipid profiles and stable isotope analysis

- Paleoindian origins and migrations


Leftovers: The presence of manufacture-derived aquatic lipids in Alaskan Pottery

The adoption of pottery into the New World: exploring pottery function and dispersal in Southwest Alaska through organic residue analysis

The Adoption of Pottery on Kodiak Island: Insights from Organic Residue Analysis

Investigating the function of prehistoric stone bowls and griddle stones in the Aleutian Islands by lipid residue analysis

Something fishy in the Great Lakes?: The reappraisal of early pottery use in north-eastern North America.

Understanding the Function of Container Technologies in Prehistoric Southwest Alaska

Vuursteenonderzoek in Epse: opgravingscampagne Olthof Zuid 2010.

Early Maritime Adaptations and the Peopling of the Americas

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Nominated for the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs 2019