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How to find us M.A. (Morris) Swertz

M.A. Swertz

Hoofd Genomics Coordination Center / Hoogleraar Bioinformatica
M.A. Swertz

Work history.
2015- now Associate Professor with the Department of Genetics.
2011-2015 Assistant Professor with the Department of Genetics
2008- current Head of Genomics Coordination Center.
2007- 2011 Researcher Bioinformatics with the Department of Genetics.

PhD Candidate Groningen Bioinformatics Center.

I developed informatic concepts for the generation of bioinformatics software, testing them in microarrays and genetical genomics and reporting the results in a PhD thesis as well as 'Nature' and 'Bioinformatics' journals.
2004 BioPartner first stage grant.

In a multi-disciplinary team I led the development of a business plan, marketing materials, legal support documents, and several pilots of MOLGENIS and supervised software engineers assisting in the professionalization of MOLGENIS.

2000-Now My software company Inventory.

In Inventory I build (webbased) information systems using a component based webgenerator (aka the EZ-framework) and a model-driven application generator (aka Invengine).

2002 MOLGENIS project: microarray experiments database.

I implemented a database for microarray experiments on microbes with Bert de Brock. We discovered the dynamic characteristics of life sciences and decided to use code generation (Invengine). Resulted in PhD project invitation.

1999-2000 Secretary BIG-Tech student commitee.

I structured the work, took care of internal relations, and approached sponsors. We organized "The future of technology in North-Netherlands" conference with KIvI and a MSc exchange orientation trip to University of Leuven.

Assistent teacher on software engineering (RuG)

I teached, coached and graded many student teams during their four-week projects for external clients; I gave lectures on requirements interviews, human computer interaction and software design.

1998 Assistent teacher on database theory

I teached practicals on the mathematical modeling of databases; I coached and graded students on specification and implementation projects in (Oracle) SQL.

Education history.
2001 MSc thesis on federated databases

For Ordina finance Utopics. 1st in NGI thesis award.

1995-2001 MSc Technology Management (IT variant)

University of Groningen. Average grade: 8. Best first-year report "Informatie Beheer Groep".

1996-2000 Propadeuse Psychology
University of Groningen. Best first year report "Training".
1998 Retailer certificate (AOV)

STEVES, Rijswijk, for opening my own company.

1994-1995 VWO 1-year
NAC-opleidingen, Groningen. Certificate for Dutch(7), English(9), History(9), Mathematics B (9), Physics (9), Chemistry (8), and Biology (8). Best student of 1995.
1982-1994 Primary and secondary school "Vrije School"

Vrije School Groningen.

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Contact information

Antonius Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

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