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Practical matters How to find us M.A.J. (Marijtje) van Duijn, Prof Dr

M.A.J. (Marijtje) van Duijn, Prof Dr

Full Professor of Statistics, in particular models for Social Network Analysis
Profielfoto van M.A.J. (Marijtje) van Duijn, Prof Dr
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+31 50 36 34766 (Secretariat Sociology / J. van Geffen)


Statistics in the Social Sciences: The Best of Two Worlds

The relation between defending, (dis)liking, and the classroom bullying norm: A cross-sectional social network approach in late childhood

Editorial Statistics

Stability and Change in Student Classroom Composition and Its Impact on Peer Victimization

Statistical Power in Longitudinal Network Studies

The achievement gap in Indonesia? Organizational and ideological differences between private Islamic schools

Balance in Family Triads: How Intergenerational Relationships Affect the Adult Sibling Relationship

Body attitude, body satisfaction and body awareness in a clinical group of depressed patients: An observational study on the associations with depression severity and the influence of treatment

Combining partner choice and gossip to make cooperation sustainable in a Public Goods Game

No Longer Discrete: Modeling the Dynamics of Social Networks and Continuous Behavior

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