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Altered Posterior Midline Activity in Patients with Jerky and Tremulous Functional Movement Disorders

Bilateral Pallidotomy for Dystonia: A Systematic Review

Challenges in Clinicogenetic Correlations: One Phenotype – Many Genes

Cognition in children and young adults with myoclonus dystonia - A case control study

Cross-disease analysis of depression, ataxia and dystonia highlights a role for synaptic plasticity and the cerebellum in the pathophysiology of these comorbid diseases

Daily fluctuations of negative affect are only weakly associated with tremor symptoms in functional and organic tremor patients

Diagnostic approach to paediatric movement disorders: a clinical practice guide

Dopaminergic and serotonergic alterations in plasma in three groups of dystonia patients

Dystonia Management: What to Expect From the Future? The Perspectives of Patients and Clinicians Within DystoniaNet Europe

Functional or not functional; that's the question Can we predict the diagnosis functional movement disorder based on associated features?

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Brains endure virtual EAN 2021, VIRTUAL Congress 19–22 June


Waarom schrikt de een meer dan de ander?

Virtual video challenge MDS Video

Op de polikliniek interne geneeskunde van het UMCG kan bij twee van de drie patiënten geen diagnose gesteld worden

Publicatie van de week CMB

Interview BCN newsletter

Interview dagblad van het Noorden

Interview Noord en Ommeland

Interview over patiëntendag

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