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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. M.A.J. (Marina) de Koning-Tijssen


A diagnosis of progressive myoclonic ataxia guided by blood biomarkers: Expert commentary

A novel diagnostic approach for patients with adult-onset dystonia

DBS for dystonia: Should we take our patients to the swimming pool?

Developmental neurobiology of cerebellar and Basal Ganglia connections

Functional Jerky Movements

Nomenclature of Genetic Movement Disorders: Recommendations of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Task Force – An Update

Serotonergic system in vivo with [C-11]DASB PET scans in GTP-cyclohydrolase deficient dopa-responsive dystonia patients

WARS2 mutations cause dopa-responsive early-onset parkinsonism and progressive myoclonus ataxia

A Gain-of-Function Variant in Dopamine D2 Receptor and Progressive Chorea and Dystonia Phenotype

A novel variant of the human dopamine D2 receptor, associated with a hyperkinetic movement disorder, mediates enhanced activation of G proteins

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Een patiënt met acute neurologische uitval. Is het wel een herseninfarct?

Brains endure virtual EAN 2021, VIRTUAL Congress 19–22 June


Waarom schrikt de een meer dan de ander?

Virtual video challenge MDS Video

Op de polikliniek interne geneeskunde van het UMCG kan bij twee van de drie patiënten geen diagnose gesteld worden

Publicatie van de week CMB

Interview BCN newsletter

Interview dagblad van het Noorden

Interview Noord en Ommeland

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