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The Evolution of Sex Determination

Male sex in houseflies is determined by Mdmd, a paralog of the generic splice factor gene CWC22

Evidence for involvement of a transformer paralog in sex determination of the wasp Leptopilina clavipes

Maternal provision of transformer-2 is required for female development and embryo viability in the wasp Nasonia vitripennis

A review and meta-analysis of the enemy release hypothesis in plant-herbivorous insect systems

QTL analysis of the photoperiodic response and clinal distribution of period alleles in Nasonia vitripennis

Diploid males support a two-step mechanism of endosymbiont-induced thelytoky in a parasitoid wasp

Phylogenetic distribution and evolutionary dynamics of the sex determination genes doublesex and transformer in insects

Manipulation of arthropod sex determination by endosymbionts: Diversity and molecular mechanisms

Hybrid incompatibilities in the parasitic wasp genus Nasonia: Negative effects of hemizygosity and the identification of transmission ratio distortion loci

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Insecten kun je veredelen

Bezuinigingen dreigen evolutionair biologen prestigieuze master te kosten

Het einde van Y, of hoe een woelmuis kan leven zonder mannelijk geslachtschromosoom

Farming insects on manure

Even over evolutie: het is geen geleidelijk proces

UCM inaugura primer doctorado en Salud Ecosistémica en Chile

Onderzoekers RUG ontdekken waarom wespenvaders alleen maar dochters krijgen

The Great Lockdown - UG researchers deal with the corona crisis

Anger over unexpected closing of Linnaeusborg: ‘Disastrous for research’

The paradox of different house flies with few genetic differences

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