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How to find us prof. dr. L.W. (Leo W) Beukeboom

prof. dr. L.W. Beukeboom

Professor Evolutionary Genetics
prof. dr. L.W. Beukeboom
+31 50 36 32092 (Janka van den Berg, Mon 08.30-15.00h, Tue 08.30-16.00h, Thu 08.30-16.00h)

My expertise field is evolutionary genetics and entomology. My research focuses on the genetics and evolution of insect reproductive modes and behaviour, including mechanisms of sexual and parthenogenetic reproduction, sex determination, haplodiploidy, photoperiodism and life history traits. My main research organisms are parasitoid wasps (Nasonia, Asobara, Leptopilina) and flies (Musca, Drosophila). I also have an interest in rearing insects for food and feed, insect pest control and biological control.

Below you find an overview of our ongoing research including potential MSc-project opportunities. If you like to get more details about a specific project or discuss concrete plans for your (MSc) project development, please contact the respective supervisors. You can also contact me for any questions.

Current projects
NWO Open Programme: Temperature fluctuations as universal engine for evolutionary diversification of sex-determination: a theoretical study using mechanistic models [coordinator Ido Pen]]
Marie Curie ITN CINCHRON (2018-2021): Genetics of insect biological timing [coordinator Bambos Kyriacou]
NWO Gesloten Kringlopen (2018-2021): Towards utilizing livestock manure for mass rearing of houseflies for feed
NWO Groen: Biological control of the new invasive pest species Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) [coordinator Bregje Wertheim]
Marie Curie ITN BINGO (2015-2018): Breeding insects for next generation biocontrol [coordinator Bart Pannebakker]
 Current PhD-projects

Jelena Prodic - Genetic basis of biogeographic variation in Nasonia circannual clock

Kelley Leung - Genomic basis of life history traits and reproductive potential in selected and polyploid strains of Nasonia vitripennis

Fangying Chen - How a reproductive parasite turns its host asexual

Yuan Zou - Genomics of sex determination and reproduction in the parasitoids Nasonia and Asobara

Martijn Schenkel - Is sex chromosome evolution driven by sexual antagonism? A test with houseflies

Astrid Kruitwagen - Biological control of  the new invasive pest species Spotted Wing Drosophila

Xuan Li - Genomic localization and characterization of male-determining factors in the housefly

Pina Brinker - Reproductive parasitism in a love triangle – Wolbachia, master manipulator or microbe mediator?

Pauline Romeyer - Ultradian, circadian and seasonal clocks in Nasonia

Current Master projects

Cell size, polyploidy, and sex determination in Nasonia - Kelley Leung

Detection of intralocus sexual conflict in houseflies - Martijn Schenkel

Diploidization and feminization in an asexual insect (and comparative genomics of reproductive parasites) - Elzemiek Geuverink

Why are sex determiners in the housefly (Musca domestica) duplicated? - Xuan Li and Ljubinka Francuski

Evolution of sex determination genes - Elzemiek Geuverink

The genetic basis of gynandromorph production in the parasitic wasp Nasonia vitripennis - Yuan Zou

GGeographic variation in biological rhythms and clock gene polymorphisms in Nasonia vitripennis - Pauline M.M. Romeyer

Can geographic variation in intralocus sexual conflict maintain polymorphic sex determination mechanisms? - Martijn Schenkel

How to turn a sexual into an asexual? Disentangling the tripartite interaction host-symbiont-microbiome by artificial infection - Pina Brinker and Fangying Chen

Insects to feed the world: exploring the life-history traits and optimizing the conditions for mass rearing of houseflies - Ljubinka Francuski

Interlocus sexual conflict in age-structured populations - Martijn Schenkel

Is there a North American latitudinal cline in Nasonia diapause? - Kelley Leung

“Super-Wasp” selection for biocontrol: potential of natural enemies to adapt to a new invasive pest - Astrid Kruitwagen

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Contact information

Place of work

+31 50 36 32092 (Janka van den Berg, Mon 08.30-15.00h, Tue 08.30-16.00h, Thu 08.30-16.00h)