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Practical matters How to find us L.J. (Leoni) von Ristok, MSc

L.J. (Leoni) von Ristok, MSc

Project manager strategy development
L.J. (Leoni) von Ristok, MSc

  • Strategic Plan for the Faculty of Spatial Sciences

As a new strategic plan for the university is due in January 2020, faculties also need to prepare their strategic directions for 2020-25.

  • FSE Programme Yantai China

The Faculty of Science and Engineering established the FSE Programme Team Yantai China from 2017 to 2019 to explore and build collaborations in research and education.

The team worked from the bottom-up to engage interested and motivated parties in constructive collaborations, believing it will lead to the best possible outcome for all related parties.

The team strived to support the short- and long-term goals of the faculty and made every effort to serve its staff and students best interest.

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