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L.M. (Malin) Andreasson, LLM

PhD Researcher
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September 2020 - September 2024: DOSTA (Developing Offshore Storage and Transport Alternatives) (NWO)

- In order to meet the challenge relating to the ambition to establish 75 GW offshore wind capacity on the Dutch continental shelf, this project analyses the feasibility of implementing offshore energy storage through electrical pumped storage and hydrogen conversion and of novel methods to transport electricity and/or hydrogen to shore in the Dutch North Sea. Feasibility is studied from a technical, economic, legal and spatial perspective, targeting joined interdisciplinary policy recommendations. PhD candidate Liv Malin Andreasson focuses on the development of an enabling legal framework for offshore energy storage, hydrogen conversion and alternative methods for transporting electricity and hydrogen to shore.

March 2020 - December 2020: Havenschets

- The Havenschets Project is a TKI-funded research project that looks at the future roles of Dutch ports regarding conversion, transport and storage of the energy produced in the North Sea. The basis of the study lies in the projected available capacity for energy production towards 2050 in the North Sea. This energy must eventually be brought to shore in order to be available for final use further inland at the right time, and in the right form and quality. Liv Malin Andreasson is responsible for the legal part of the project, focusing on the applicable regulations for the landing of electricity generated at sea and its possible conversion within port regions.

January 2019 - June 2020: North Sea Energy - Offshore System Integration

- North Sea Energy is a TKI-funded research project that consists of several phases. So far two phases have been concluded: NSE2 and NSE3. The project considers the possibilities to promote the North Sea as a low carbon energy region. The research has, inter alia, focused on offshore system integration and the production and transport of green hydrogen offshore. All projects have taken a multidisciplinary approach.

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