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Magnetic Resonance-Compatible Arm-Crank Ergometry: A New Platform Linking Whole-Body Calorimetry to Upper-Extremity Biomechanics and Arm Muscle Metabolism

Questionnaires to Assess Facilitators and Barriers of Early Mobilization in Critically Ill Patients; Which One to Choose? A Systematic Review

Rehabilitation: mobility, exercise & sports; a critical position stand on current and future research perspectives

Course of prevalence of scar contractures limiting function: A preliminary study in children and adolescents after burns

Fixed muscle synergies and their potential to improve the intuitive control of myoelectric assistive technology for upper extremities

Joint flexibility problems and the impact of its operationalisation

Predictability of exercise capacity following pediatric burns: a preliminary investigation

Synergies reciprocally relate end-effector and joint-angles in rhythmic pointing movements

Active muscle mass affects endurance physiology: A review on single versus double-leg cycling

Development of reaching during mid-childhood from a Developmental Systems perspective

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