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How to find us L.H.V. (Lucas) van der Woude
University Medical Center Groningen

L.H.V. (Lucas) van der Woude

Professor Human Movement, Rehabilitation & Functional Recovery
L.H.V. (Lucas) van der Woude


Effect of a 7-week low intensity synchronous handcycling training programme on physical capacity in abled-bodied women

Effects of offloading devices on static and dynamic balance in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A systematic review

Magnetic Resonance-Compatible Arm-Crank Ergometry: A New Platform Linking Whole-Body Calorimetry to Upper-Extremity Biomechanics and Arm Muscle Metabolism

MRI evaluation of shoulder pathologies in wheelchair users with spinal cord injury and the relation to shoulder pain

The interaction between wheelchair configuration and wheeling performance in wheelchair tennis: a narrative review

Amplitude and stride-to-stride variability of muscle activity during Lokomat guided walking and treadmill walking in children with cerebral palsy

Associations between Activity Pacing, Fatigue, and Physical Activity in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis: A Cross Sectional Study

Biomechanical and physiological differences between synchronous and asynchronous low intensity handcycling during practice-based learning in able-bodied men

Biophysical aspects of handcycling performance in rehabilitation, daily life and recreational sports; a narrative review

Changes in Quality of Life During Training for the HandbikeBattle and Associations With Cardiorespiratory Fitness

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Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport – 15 years, 15 stories

The feeling of togetherness slightly fades away (Dutch)

Groningen researchers leading in global research on the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury in the past two decades

Revalidatie, Sport & Bewegen

Wetenschap in Beweging

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