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How to find us dr. L.D. (Dorothee) Jelsma

dr. L.D. Jelsma

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Workshops and lectures

Smits-Engelsman, B.C., Jelsma, L.D. (2011). Workshop Developmental CoordinationDisorder. University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.

Jelsma, D., Smit, E. Wat kun je observeren en trainen bij kinderen met balansproblemen? (2013). NVFK Voorjaarscongres.

Jelsma, D., Smit, E. Lecture and workshop, Theme balance and children with DCD/CP/TBI. Balance training with the Wii Fit. (2013, 19th of September) International Summer course on Balance,  Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Ghent, Belgium

Jelsma, Dorothee. Seminar Developmental Coordination Disorder, Beatrixoord, Haren, 31-1-2018. Dynamic control of balance in children with DCD

Jelsma, L.D. Lecture, workshop: Motor learning of dynamic balance control in children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder in Brazil using Active Video Games (Sept 2018) Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) have a normal rate of learning when trained with either a variable and repetitive practice protocol at the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Sao Carlos, Brazil.

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