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Constraining temptation: How specific and general rules mitigate the effect of personal gain on unethical behavior

Facilitating and motivating factors for reporting reprehensible conduct in care: A study among nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the Netherlands

Moral Rationalization Contributes More Strongly to Escalation of Unethical Behavior Among Low Moral Identifiers Than Among High Moral Identifiers

Re-assessing the validity of the Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire (MSQ): Two new scales for moral deliberation and paternalism

Moral reasoning explained by personality traits and moral disengagement: A study among Dutch nurse practitioners and physician assistants(

Verschillende perspectieven op influenzavaccinatie bij zorgprofessionals

Many analysts, one dataset: Making transparent how variations in analytical choices affect results

The Impact of Workplace Health Promotion Programs Emphasizing Individual Responsibility on Weight Stigma and Discrimination

When sanctions convey moral norms

Making snacking less sinful: (Counter-)moralizing obesity in the public discourse differentially affects food choices of individuals with high and low perceived body mass

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Sanctions, rewards and rules

Moralization of obesity