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How to find us dr. L.B. (Laetitia) Mulder

dr. L.B. Mulder

Associate Professor
dr. L.B. Mulder

Laetitia Mulder graduated social psychology at the Free University in Amsterdam in 1999. In 2004 she completed her PhD under supervision of Eric van Dijk, David de Cremer and Henk Wilke, at the department of Social and Organizational Psychology at Leiden University. Her dissertation was called "Throwing light on the dark side of sanctions"and concerned the effects of sanctioning systems in social dilemmas.  In 2005-2009 she worked as an assistant professor at Tilburg University, department of Social Psychology. Since 2009 she works at the University of Groningen, at the department of HRM & OB, faculty of Economics and Business (since 2013 as Associate Professor). Her research topic is (im)moral behavior, and concerns, among others, the escalation of immoral behavior, the influence of sanctions and morality, and the effects of moralization of health.





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Mulder, L. B., Jordan, J., & Rink, F. A. (2013). The effect of specific and general rules on moral behavior. Manuscript under review.

Mulder, L. B., Rupp, D.,E. & Dijkstra, A. (2013). Sinful snacking: When moralizing obesity evokes unhealthy eating. Manuscript under review.

Ponsioen, S., Mulder, L. B., & Molleman, E. (2013). Title Blinded. Manuscript under review

Ponsioen, S., Mulder, L. B., & Molleman, E. (2013). Title Blinded. Manuscript under review

Said, R., Nijstad, B. A., Janssen, O., & Mulder, L. B. (2012). High leader-member exchange but not creative? The moderating role of leader regulatory focus. Manuscript in Progress

Mulder, L. B. (2013). Moral rationalization: An ingredient for escalation? the moderating role of moral identity. Manuscript in Progress.

Irwin, K., Mulder, L. B., & Simpson, B. (2013). The detrimental effects of sanctions on intra-group trust: A comparison between punishments and rewards. Manuscript in progress  


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