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Research interests

My work is especially concerned with 1) the question how ancient thinkers choose to communicate their insights in specific literary forms and 2) the reception of (mainly Platonic) philosophical texts in the ancient world and since antiquity. Areas of special interest include the Platonic Alcibiades I, philosophical concepts of self-knowledge, the work of Olympiodorus of Alexandria, and narrative analysis of ancient philosophical texts. 


Diagnosis and Inconsistency in the Axiochus

Anchoring Innovation in the Platonic Axiochus

Hésiode contre Homère dans le Charmide de Platon


Olympiodorus of Alexandria: Exegete, Teacher, Platonic Philosopher

Olympiodorus’ View of Civic Self-Knowledge

Theory and Didactic in Olympiodorus and the Alexandrian School: A discussion of two new translations

Alcibiades I: een spiegel van het socratische gesprek

De structuur van liefde in Plato's Symposium

Nights of Insight: Plato on the Philosophical Qualities of the Night

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