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Isolating price promotions: The influence of promotional timing on promotion redemption

Omnichannel retailing: A consumer perspective

A packaged mindset: How elongated packages induce healthy mindsets

Een marketingreflectie op Snacks and the City

Losses tune differently than gains: how gains and losses shape attentional scope and influence goal pursuit

Propelling pride to promote healthy food choices among entity and incremental theorists

From Browsing to Buying and Beyond: The Needs-Adaptive Shopper Journey Model

How to Influence Consumer Food Waste Behavior: Effects of Temporal Distance and Providing Nutritional Information on Consumption Choices and Disposal Behavior

In-Store Spending Dynamics: How Budgets Invert Relative-Spending Patterns

Boundary research: Tools and rules to impact emerging fields

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Reclame voor ‘ontsmettings-magnetron’ schetst schrikbeeld corona