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dr. K. Peters

Universitair Docent
dr. K. Peters
050 36 34289 (direct)
050 36 37068 (secretariaat)


Research projects



- DoSym project: The DoSym project aims at improving the understanding of sustainable product development in manufacturing firms. DoSym is a project in collaboration with the faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Groningen, seven Dutch industry parties and a Dutch technology industry association. The project is supported by the Innovation-Oriented Research Program ‘Integral Product Creation and Realization (IOP IPCR)’ of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs.


- PhD thesis case study: study of sixteen innovation projects in the Dutch arable agriculture sector. The study is part of the project ‘bijdrage van collectieven aan innovaties’, commissioned by ZLTO and Transforum (The Netherlands)

- PhD thesis case study: study of the 'Customer Portal Project' at GEON, Groningen (The Netherlands).


- PhD thesis case study: study of the 'Pricing Project' at Siemens Building Technlogy headquaters in Zug,  Switzerland, together with Sander van Slooten

- Innovatie Stimulerende Omgevingen: study of environments for innovation stimulation in the Dutch horticultural/greenhouse sector, assigned by Innovatienetwerk (The Netherlands) together with René Jorna (RUG) and Louk Paul (RUG).


- Tipstar / Agrobiokon: user-interface design and implementation of the Tipstar crop-growth simulation model for starch potato farmers and starch factory planners. Together with Niels Faber (RUG), René Jorna (RUG), Rob van Haren (AVEBE) and Don Jansen (WUR).


- MSc. thesis study: Optichem/INFOnet: decision support system design and implementation that supports workers applying chemicals in the Dutch paper industry, together with Hans Camstra (Big River), Niels Faber (RUG) and René Jorna (RUG).

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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands
Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands

Duisenberg Building

+31 50 36 34289 (direct)
+31 50 36 37068 (secretary)