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Over onsWaar vindt u onsdr. K. (Konstantin) Mierau

dr. K. Mierau

Universitair Docent

1) Empathy behind bars

How does creative fiction affect prisoner's capacity for empathy? This projects aims to develop and apply a methodology for the empirical study of the effect of creative fiction on prisoners, with particular attention to prisoner's capacity for empathy. This methodology combines interviews and questionnaires, in order to gain both qualitative and quantitative perspectives on the phenomenon of prison reading. In doing so, the project, which studies imprisoned readers in various countries, will generate data and analyses in order to inform the societal debate on the purpose and design of prison reading programmes. Imprisonment is a very concrete form of social marginalization. Therefore, the following project studies role and effect of literature in a context with substantial societal relevance.

At present, the methodology has been presented at several international expert meetings and a pilot study has been undertaken at the Penitentiary of Nueva Imperial, Chile.

2) Marginality and the literary Early Modern City

This part of my research focuses on processes of exclusion and inclusion in the literary representations of early modern European Cities, with special emphasis on Madrid. Using Madrid as a case study, this research line applies a microhistorical approach to the contextualization of literary representation, focusing on such topics as the representation of marginal place, practices and people, as well as the effect of the selectivity of these representations on subsequent historiography, i.e. what is the effect of not including many facets of the urban experience at the level of the market square in literary representations on subsequent historiography on every day life in early modern cities?

This research lines has yielded a monograph (currently under review), an edited volume Microhistory and the Picaresque Novel and several peer-reviewed articles as well as book chapters (view research output).

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