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dr. K.E. (Kees) Keizer

Assistant professor

I supervise bachelor and master theses and internships on the following topics:  

  • Social influence
  • Consumer behavior  
  • Social norms and behavior  
  • Pro-social and unethical behavior
  • Situational influence on behavior and decission making
  • Social design and architecture
  • Nudging 

Social environment and behaviour

This course focuses on how to apply theories, methods, and interventions in social psychology to societal phenomena. Each lecture is dedicated to a different topic. Relevant theories will be discussed and applied to specific phenomena. You will learn more about the factors that influence behaviour and how interventions should be developed to change behavior as well as how they should be implemented and evaluated in different areas of application. You will gain insight in both the application of social-psychological theories and different research methods such as survey research, quasi-experimental research, experimental research, and evaluation research. Application areas include for example education (e.g., motivation of students, truancy), ethnic minorities (e.g., integration), environment (e.g., promoting energy conservation), health care (e.g., smoking cessation, safe sex), traffic and transport (e.g., reducing aggressive traffic behaviour and increasing traffic safety), consumer behaviour (e.g., the effects of media and commercials), and development aid (e.g., information communication technology).

Social Influence 

Why do we always spend too much during sales? Why is “playing hard to get” such a great strategy to pick up a partner? Why do you sell ice-cream with a man in a speedo and insurances with a man in a business suit? How can you reduce rule transgressions by wearing gothic clothing? In this course you get an answer to these and many other questions. In this course you’ll learn how people’s beliefs, and actions are influenced by others. You will be introduced to various theories, principles and studies that give insight to how you can use people’s need for affiliation, accuracy and a positive self concept to persuade them. This (interactive) course is focused at both theory development and practical application.

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