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Convince Yourself to Do the Right Thing: The Effects of Provided Versus Self-Generated Arguments on Rule Compliance and Perceived Importance of Socially Desirable Behavior

The role of adoption norms and perceived product attributes in the adoption of Dutch electric vehicles and smart energy systems

Automation versus control in smart energy systems

Social norms and pro-environmental behaviour

Applied social psychology: Understanding and managing social problems

How much persuasion do you need to do the right thing? A field study on self-persuasion and socially desirable behavior

Interactions matter: Modelling everyday pro-environmental norm transmission and diffusion in workplace networks

The relationship between Corporate Environmental Responsibility, employees’ biospheric values and pro-environmental behaviour at work

The social psychology of consumer behaviour

Environmental considerations in the organizational context: A pathway to pro-environmental behaviour at work

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Hoe corona de zwerfvuilraper in mij wakker maakt: de voldoening van een volle vuilniszak

Orde in die hof! Die plek is vuil en onnet

Interview De Handhavingskrant 2.0

Interview Quest magazine

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