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Partner retention as a mechanism to reduce sexual conflict over care in a seabird

Alarm calls in Eurasian magpies: Variability, context specificity and function

The evolution of delayed dispersal and different routes to breeding in social birds

Who listens to mother?: A whole-family perspective on the evolution of maternal hormone allocation

Breeders that receive help age more slowly in a cooperatively breeding bird

Experimentally induced antipredator responses are mediated by social and environmental factors

Joint care can outweigh costs of nonkin competition in communal breeders

Spatio-temporal variation in lifelong telomere dynamics in a long-term ecological study

Consequences of sibling rivalry vary across life in a passerine bird

Corrigendum: Telomere length reveals cumulative individual and transgenerational inbreeding effects in a passerine bird (vol 25, pg 2949, 2016)

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