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Promoted cobalt metal catalysts suitable for the production of lower olefins from natural gas

Designing the right protection

Size and promoter effects on stability of carbon-nanofiber-supported iron-based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts

Size and Promoter Effects in Supported Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: Insights from Experiment and Theory

Catalysts design for higher alcohols synthesis by CO2 hydrogenation: Trends and future perspectives

Catalyst sites and active species in the early stages of MTO conversion over cobalt AlPO-18 followed by IR spectroscopy

MAPO-18 Catalysts for the Methanol to Olefins Process: Influence of Catalyst Acidity in a High-Pressure Syngas (CO and H-2) Environment


Zeolite facilitates selective olefins production

Composition comprising an oxidic substrate material containing si and a material supported on the oxidic substrate material

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