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Functional role of surface layer proteins of Lactobacillus acidophilus L-92 in stress tolerance and binding to host cell proteins

Transcriptomic analysis of stress response to novel antimicrobial coatings in a clinical MRSA strain

Another Breaker of the Wall: the Biological Function of the Usp45 Protein of Lactococcus lactis

Complete Genome Sequences of 28 Lactococcal Bacteriophages Isolated from Failed Dairy Fermentation Processes

Draft Genome Sequences of Three Amino Acid-Secreting Lactococcus lactis Strains

Editing of the proteolytic system of Lactococcus lactis increases its bioactive potential

Editorial: Omics and Systems Approaches to Study the Biology and Applications of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Employing lytic phage-mediated horizontal gene transfer in Lactococcus lactis

Lysis of a Lactococcus lactis dipeptidase mutant and rescue by mutation in the pleiotropic regulator cody

A specific sugar moiety in the Lactococcus lactis cell wall pellicle is required for infection by CHPC971, a member of the rare 1706 phage species

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Lage landen verdienen iGEM-prijzen

iGEM 2019: team RUG wint gouden medaille

iGEM 2019: Team Groningen ontwikkelt een biologische QR-code

DESIGNER BABIES AND CRISPR-BANANAS - Genetic interventions in our daily lives

iGEM in Boston, de afterparty

Styrene Steve wins University of Groningen iGEM team a gold medal

'Styrene Steve' levert RUG iGEM-team een gouden medaille op

Wie verbouwt de beste bacterie?

iGEM 2018: Op weg naar ‘groener’ plastic

Nieuw iGEM team laat gistcellen bioplastic maken

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