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Disentangling dyadic and reputational perceptions of prosociality, aggression, and popularity in explaining friendship networks in early adolescence

The relation between defending, (dis)liking, and the classroom bullying norm: A cross-sectional social network approach in late childhood

Crossing ethnic boundaries? A social network investigation of defending relationships in schools

Sexual identity disparities in mental health among U.K. adults, U.S. adults, and U.S. adolescents: Examining heterogeneity by race/ethnicity

Adolescents' engagement trajectories in multicultural classrooms: The role of the classroom context

Being Friends with or Rejected by Classmates: Aggression Toward Same- and Cross-Ethnic Peers

Bullying as a Group Process in Childhood: A Longitudinal Social Network Analysis

Een netwerkbenadering van de prostitutiesector in Noord-Nederland op basis van politieregistraties

Friendships, Perceived Popularity, and Adolescent Romantic Relationship Debut

Multidimensional Similarity in Multiplex Networks: Friendships Between Same- and Cross-Gender Bullies and Same- and Cross-Gender Victims

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Elf jaar oud en risico op een depressie