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How to find us J.L. (Jagoda) Slawinska, PhD


Direct insight into the band structure of SrNbO3

High-Throughput Computational Search for Half-Metallic Oxides

Quantum computation of silicon electronic band structure

Spin Hall effect in prototype Rashba ferroelectrics GeTe and SnTe

Ultrathin SnTe films as a route towards all-in-one spintronics devices

Absorption and emission modulation in a MoS2-GaN (0001) heterostructure by interface phonon-exciton coupling

Fe/GeTe(111) heterostructures as an avenue towards spintronics based on ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors

Giant spin Hall effect in two-dimensional monochalcogenides

Persistent spin helix in Rashba-Dresselhaus ferroelectric CsBiNb2O7

Spin-orbit proximity effect in graphene on metallic substrates: Decoration versus intercalation with metal adatoms

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