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prof. dr. J. Woltjer

Honorary Professor
prof. dr. J. Woltjer

Throughout his career, Prof Woltjer has been committed to teaching and capacity building in his field. He has been instrumental to the development of various international teaching programs, featuring, for example, advanced collaboration with international partners in Indonesia, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Prof Woltjer has been responsible for course programs at the postgraduate level in particular. Some examples in Groningen have included ‘Msc Environmental and Infrastructure Planning’, ‘Msc Development Planning and Infrastructure Management’, and ‘Msc Water and Coastal Management’. Typical modules have been ‘Dilemmas in Infrastructure Planning’, ‘Planning and Water’, ‘Comparative Research and Planning Practice’, and ‘Plan- and Project Evaluation’. Prof Woltjer has been a winner of the so-called 'teacher of the year' award, and an enthusiastic supporter of international classroom teaching. 

The focus of the educational strategy by Johan Woltjer is on international comparison and case studies. Communication among students is based on using varieties of personal backgrounds and examples to understand differences and similarities in the way we govern cities and regions. Prof. Woltjer is committed to all areas of education: not only teaching and examination, but also development and innovation. According to students, '...Johan Woltjer really stimulates us to think critically and look beyond rational straightforward thinking. The focus of his classes is on how to approach spatial problems in relation to their context. He clearly explains that when a strategy or a solution is developed, it is always important to understand the local context and the present tacit knowledge. Last but not least, Johan Woltjer is a very accessible and helpful teacher for students. It is easy to just walk in his room if you have issues regarding your curriculum, courses or other dilemma's. He is very good in helping students if they are struggling with topics or find themselves in a “locked in” situation, e.g. with their thesis. He has a wonderful way of understanding a student's concern.’

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Landleven 1
9747 AD Groningen
The Netherlands

Mercator Building (building F), Zernike University Complex