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Recovering wetland biogeomorphic feedbacks to restore the world's biotic carbon hotspots

A comparison of the “reduced losses” and “increased production” models for mussel bed dynamics

A large invasive consumer reduces coastal ecosystem resilience by disabling positive species interactions

Algal-induced biogeomorphic feedbacks lay the groundwork for coastal wetland development

An invasive species erodes the performance of coastal wetland protected areas

Bioengineering promotes habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity on mussel reefs

Coastal restoration success via emergent trait-mimicry is context dependent

Evasion of tipping in complex systems through spatial pattern formation

Fairy circles reveal the resilience of self-organized salt marshes

Feedbacks between hydrodynamics and cold-water coral mound development

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Opinie: Ga niet wéér twijfel zaaien: aan die stikstofdoelen valt echt niet te ontkomen

Earth’s most efficient natural storage system: Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture

Salt marsh fairy circles go from rings to bullseyes to adapt to stress

Small steps, big leaps – How marram grass builds dunes

Mossels bevestigen theorie Albert Einstein

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