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De rol van coördinatie en besluitvorming in COVID-19 patiëntenspreiding

Extending Social Sustainability to Suppliers: The Role of GVC Governance Strategies and Supplier Country Institutions

Two sides to every coin: Assessing the effects of moving physicians to employment contracts

Working together in emergency care? How professional boundaries influence integration efforts and operational performance

Fortune telling: predicting hospital admissions to improve emergency department outflow

Orchestration versus bookkeeping: How stakeholder pressures drive a healthcare purchaser’s institutional logics

How healthcare systems shape a purchaser's strategies and actions when managing chronic care

Working Together in Emergency Care? Examining the Micro-Dynamics of Professional Integration

Inside the Buying Firm: Exploring Responses to Paradoxical Tensions in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Institutional Complexity as a Strategic Resource: Navigating the Field Following a Disruption

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