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The developmental stage of the medulloblastoma cell-of-origin is maintained in cancer and restricts hedgehog pathway usage and drug sensitivity

YAP Activity Is Necessary and Sufficient for Basal Progenitor Abundance and Proliferation in the Developing Neocortex

Insm1 Induces Neural Progenitor Delamination in Developing Neocortex via Downregulation of the Adherens Junction Belt-Specific Protein Plekha7

Analysis of primary cilia in the developing mouse brain

A comparative study of nucleostemin family members in zebrafish reveals specific roles in ribosome biogenesis

Neurogenesis during development of the vertebrate central nervous system

Asymmetric inheritance of centrosome-associated primary cilium membrane directs ciliogenesis after cell division

Basolateral rather than apical primary cilia on neuroepithelial cells committed to delamination

The nucleolar GTP-binding proteins Gnl2 and nucleostemin are required for retinal neurogenesis in developing zebrafish

Essential Role for the d-Asb11 cul5 Box Domain for Proper Notch Signaling and Neural Cell Fate Decisions In Vivo

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Research Minute - Judith Paridaen - Young Academy Groningen 2019

Waarom zijn er nog steeds dierproeven?