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Objectively measured physical activity during primary school physical education predicts intrinsic motivation independently of academic achievement level

The mediating role of neurocognitive functions in the relation between physical competencies and academic achievement of primary school children

Effects of aerobic versus cognitively demanding exercise interventions on brain structure and function in healthy children: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial

Resting state networks mediate the association between both cardiovascular fitness and gross motor skills with neurocognitive functioning

Differential effects of long-term aerobic versus cognitively-engaging physical activity on children's visuospatial working memory related brain activation: A cluster RCT

Perception of maximum distance jumpable remains accurate after an intense physical exercise and during recovery

The relationship between white matter microstructure, cardiovascular fitness, gross motor skills, and neurocognitive functioning in children

Adjustments in end-effector trajectory and underlying joint angle synergies after a target switch: Order of adjustment is flexible

Effects of aerobic exercise and cognitively engaging exercise on cardiorespiratory fitness and motor skills in primary school children: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Relationships between gross motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, and visuospatial working memory-related brain activation in 8-to 10-year-old children

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