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Adjustments in end-effector trajectory and underlying joint angle synergies after a target switch: Order of adjustment is flexible

Effects of aerobic exercise and cognitively engaging exercise on cardiorespiratory fitness and motor skills in primary school children: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Relationships between gross motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, and visuospatial working memory-related brain activation in 8-to 10-year-old children

The acute effects of two types of physical activity in physical education on response inhibition and lapses of attention in children aged 8-10 years A cluster randomized controlled trial

Relations between gross motor skills and executive functions, controlling for the role of information processing and lapses of attention in 8-10 year old children

Slim door Gym: Effecten van fysieke activiteit op cognitie van kinderen in het primair onderwijs

Skill-related physical fitness versus aerobic fitness as a predictor of executive functioning in children with intellectual disabilities or borderline intellectual functioning

When a Fly Ball Is Out of Reach: Catchability Judgments Are Not Based on Optical Acceleration Cancelation

Effects of a Cognitively Demanding Aerobic Intervention During Recess on Children's Physical Fitness and Executive Functioning

Modeling Longitudinal Changes in 5m Sprinting Performance Among Young Male Tennis Players

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