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prof. dr. J.R. (Ruud) den Hartigh

Professor Talent Development, with a special focus on the sport and performance context
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Talent Development & Creativity (Master):
+31 50 36 35446 (Secretary)


What do we currently know about the development of talent? A systematic review in the soccer context

Conceptualizing and measuring psychological resilience: What can we learn from physics?

How soccer scouts identify talented players

Resilience in sports: A multidisciplinary, dynamic, and personalized perspective

How the Complexity of Psychological Processes Reframes the Issue of Reproducibility in Psychological Science

Adaptation to stressors: Hormesis as a framework for human performance

How do psychological and physiological performance determinants interact within individual athletes? An analytical network approach

Monitoring the recovery-stress states of athletes: Psychometric properties of the acute recovery and stress scale and short recovery stress scale among Dutch and Flemish athletes

Anticipating Injuries and Health Problems in Elite Soccer Players Using Dynamic Complexity

Detecting early warning signals of injuries and health problems in elite youth soccer players

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Kan de wetenschap blessures aan zien komen?

Driekwart van commando's in spe haalt de opleiding niet, waarom is dat?

Veerkrachtige topsporters en betere sportprestaties dankzij het Resilient Athletes-project

Using data to predict resilience in elite sports

The Commandos: Who has got what it takes?

Project update: Resilient Athletes

Driekwart van commando's in spe haalt de opleiding niet, waarom is dat?

Pakt FC Groningen met behulp van data eerder een prijs?

Using smart technology to tackle sports injuries and mental dips

Technologie tegen sportblessures

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