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How to find us dr. J.R. (Ruud) den Hartigh

dr. J.R. (Ruud) den Hartigh

Associate Professor Talent Development & Creativity
dr. J.R. (Ruud) den Hartigh
Talent Development & Creativity (Master):
+31 50 36 36397 (Secretary)


Selection procedures in sports: Improving predictions of athletes’ future performance

The development of talent in sports: A dynamic network approach

Resilience in Sports From a Dynamical Perspective

Psychological Momentum During and Across Sports Matches: Evidence for Interconnected Time Scales

Methodological Issues in Soccer Talent Identification Research

Perceiving affordances in sports through a momentum lens

Antifragility in Climbing: Determining Optimal Stress Loads for Athletic Performance Training

Facing Repeated Stressors in a Motor Task: Does it Enhance or Diminish Resilience?

Injury Prediction in Competitive Runners with Machine Learning

Non-ergodicity in Protective Factors of Resilience in Athletes

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Data-science in de sport, hoe heurt het eigenlijk?

predicting speed skating performance with automatized analyses

NBA Finals: How Momentum Could Decide the Outcome of Raptors vs. Warriors

Waarom laat de ene ploeg het hoofd hangen na een achterstand, terwijl de andere snoeihard terugkomt?

Can we crack the secrets of talent and excellence?

Driekwart van commando's in spe haalt de opleiding niet, waarom is dat?

The Commandos: Who has got what it takes?

Pakt FC Groningen met behulp van data eerder een prijs?

Using smart technology to tackle sports injuries and mental dips

Technologie tegen sportblessures

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